Focus areas,

IT Systems:  Build and manage effectively IT systems used by billions of people each day. Always up and secure.

Home Entertainment: Consumer networking and connectivity solutions to deliver digital contents (High Definition) to home. 

Home/Office Automation: Installation and support for media, gaming, lighting, security, telecom and climate control systems.


fone - PBX in a box

homevu - Application for home automation

geovu - Geo location interface 

       mediavu - Media player for digital entertainment

redhot - Power from renewable source



Web hosting - Linux - $20 to $200 per annum

Application hosting - Starts from $100 per month

netvu - Unrestricted Internet @ $10 per month

Digital distribution - Motion Pictures *BETA*

Franchisor - Entertainment Unlimited



Action 2020

Rock2B Solutions is a founder member of " consortium" promoting legal access to motion pictures by nurturing compelling, consumer directed technical alternatives in motion picture distribution, purchasing and use. 

Rock2B Solutions is a founder member of "Innovation, Information and Entertainment forum" and active member of "India Vision 2020 forum" focused on developing go-green technologies and solutions for mass adaption and generation of renewable energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

About Us

Rock2B Solutions is a privately owned IT Services and Solutions center established in April 2004. Our core competency and focus are to deliver home entertainment, automation and green solutions.

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