Web hosting - Linux, php/mysql                                 

Special:  25 MB hosting space, cpanel - 500 INR/yr

Supreme: 75 MB hosting space, php/mysql - 1500 INR/yr

Superdome:  200 MB hosting space, php/mysql, fantastico - 2500 INR/yr

Domain Registration: .com/.net/.org - 650 INR/yr .in/.co.in - 1000 INR/yr

Application Hosting

J2EE Hosting - Dedicated / VPS server setup. Tomcat, JBoss, JSP, Glassfish. Custom installation and configuration - 1500 INR/mo

.Net Hosting - Win2K8, IIS7, SQL 2008, ASP .Net 3.5, .Net Framework. Custom installation and configuration - 1500 INR/mo



netvu  -Unrestricted internet @ 500 INR/mo. Wiith netvu access internet unrestricted from amywhere. Even from your office.

       Digital distribution - Motion Pictures *BETA*

Franchisor - Entertainment Unlimited



About Us

Rock2B Solutions is a privately owned IT Services and Solutions center established in April 2004. Our core competency and focus are to deliver home entertainment, automation and green solutions.

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